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OSH related services

The 1993 XCIII Safety Act, Appendix 2 of 5/1993. (XII 26th) MüM regulation, and the 28/2011. (IX.6.) BM regulation, we recommend the following, OSH and fire protection services.

Safety and Fire protection advice

  • Workplace risk analysis and assessment preparation and review
  • Safety education in maintaining, documenting, compiling educational themes
  • Work accidents, occupational accidents investigation, preparation of minutes
  • Preparation and Maintenance of Work Safety Rules
  • Machines, health and safety aspects of a preliminary examination, the start-up assistance
  • Shock-proof, lightning protection organization reviews
  • Personal Protective Equipment define job function, personal protective equipment to develop the order of benefit
  • A single comprehensive prevention strategy
  • Safety visits, organizing, documenting action plans
  • Contact the competent authority
  • Preparation of fire protection regulations.
  • Fire Alarm plan.
  • Facilities, buildings, open spaces, open spaces of putting fire in the preparation classes.
  • Fire drills keeping and documentation.
  • Educational materials, training syllabus and test preparation sheet.
  • Reviews the standards of electrical fire protection.
  • Fire, and smoke-tight doors and structures, installation of fire resistant gaskets, inspection, maintenance and repair

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